Trevor Lafferty

Age: 70

Profession: Sports and leisure consultant, semi retired.

I chose Paul, after he came highly recommended by friends, who had used his programs for rehabilitation.

I have had two operations in the past four years, one for a hip resurfacing, and the other after an accident where I fell from a height and broke my back. Basically I had made a bit of a mess of my body.

I feel that the program that was undertaken has built the strength, and some of the mobility back up that was lost due to the operations and accidents. So I’ve had a very positive experience with my Mentor, Paul.

A big part of this improvement is due to the free weight exercises recommended and utilised. I have to offset this recommendation against what the medical fraternity have said to me about participating in such exercises, which was  “you shouldn’t be doing strenuous lifting, because of your age, and joint degeneration”.

I believe if I’d taken this advise and followed, their recommendation of not lifting above 50kg, and only doing light cardio, I wouldn’t be in as good a position as I am now, physically speaking.

The benefits of being where I physically am now, for me are simple to explain. With improved strength and fitness comes back the enjoyment of life. You see, we live in a big old farm house that requires a lot of hard physical work, that I can now just get on with and do again. I now have the freedom to do the little things we all take for granted and this makes me very happy! It puts the life back into living.

Anyone who wants to continue enjoying life through their 60’s, 70’s and beyond needs to focus on their fitness. As you age fitness becomes a very key part of your leisure time and a good strength base is going to be crucial.

So yes, I’d strongly recommend ‘PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring’ as a service to anybody and everybody, across the age groups. Paul has a very considerate approach. He’s a very good listener, he pays attention to my problems and effectively communicates ideas and suggested solutions back.

That isn’t to say I’m not pushed hard at times, but in terms of Paul’s capabilities, he can do an awful lot to help old gits like me, get back out there and start functioning better.