Sue Ecroyd

SueAge: 50.

Profession: Last year I worked for a corporate organisation, and whilst I was there I decided to look into a career in personal training. Now that is what I do.

I first contacted Paul through a Facebook add that he ran, promoting his personal training service, this was a few years before he had started ‘PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring’. Initially I wanted to focus on weight loss and toning, but later, decided to focus more on strength.

Before I started with Paul I used to exercise a lot, and I enjoyed doing a lot of different things like circuit training, running, and varying sports. But I had no real focus on a particular aspect of fitness, and no real goals, I just exercised because I enjoyed it.

As I was getting older I decided not having a clear outcome would become a major hurdle, I needed to focus on something. With guidance from Paul, that became strength. So I started working in that direction and began a real training plan, not just an exercise routine.

So fair my experience with the new training program and the revamped “PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring” has been very good. I like structure, information, and theory, which are all things that have been provided from the start.

The structure of the programs mean I know what i’m doing from session to session and I can see my progress, which motivates me to do more. This combined with the explaining of the underpinning theory motivates me to continue and improve.

Hitting new PB’s regularly also keeps me going. I hate the squat, but when I hit 73.5kg  for reps, at a body weight of 57kg, that was a big personal achievement. Its a great feeling knowing I can squat that weight, and deadlift 100kg for reps. It just gives you a feeling of elation when you finally do something you didn’t think was going to be possible, but you trained towards anyway.

As a result, i’d recommend ‘PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring’ for sure. The programs provided produce visible results, like having a stronger more toned body, that I feel will see me into a ripe old age, and is something that will help anybody, of any age, feel the same way.