Mentoring Services

Get stronger than ever before – faster than ever before – pick a service below snd see how I can help you!

Form Checks

Sessions From


Get a taste of what barbell training is about, or simply book in for a technique tidy up.

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Learn To Lift Programme:

Programme Cost: 

£99 (8 Sessions).

You need a programme, you need a mentor, but you DON’T need the bill that comes with a 1-2-1 trainer! Then this 4 week group based programme will be great to get you started,

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Barbell Club Training:

Programme Cost: 

£180 (12 Sessions).

Your long term training solution starts here. Train 3x per week with a group of like minded people, and see your strength sky rocket, your fat melt, and your confidence grow.

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Individualised Training

Blocks From

£140 (Minimum 4 Sessions).

Need a more customised approach? Not comfortable in group settings? Or require more flexibility with training times? Then this option is for you!

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Why I Don’t Call Myself A Personal Trainer

The average Personal Trainer will just push you through an exercise routine to get you hot, sweaty and to keep you from getting bored. They don’t help you keep records, quantify your results or hold you accountable. Most importantly they don’t develop your knowledge and understanding of the training process, because they’re terrified that if they do, they’ll lose you as a paying client… or worse they don’t understand training processes themselves!

Here’s where that falls short, if your trainer just turns you into a sweaty sore mess during your session, plays on their phone and is more interested in telling you about their weekend, then you’re  not being mentored or coached, and you’re not training, and this will never produce the results you deserve and are paying for.

How I’m Different

I make a difference in people’s lives through the expert mentoring of mindset, nutrition, and training, the use of high quality equipment, and a helpful attitude toward your training objectives. I pride myself on having created a community of like-minded individuals, each pushing and supporting one another to achieve their strength and fitness objectives and beyond. All of this is part of the experience with PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring, and I’d love you to be part of the team.

Your Mindset:

Your mindset – or outlook and approach to events and situations –  is highly correlated to your success, it’s fluid and changing, and strongly affected by learning and experience. Thats why I won’t just give you a training plan, instead I mentor you on the theoretical why’s and how’s of my programmes through seminars as well as gym sessions. I do this because when you understand why something’s been done you’re more likely to stick with it, succeed at it, and develop and maintain that all important “can do” mindset.

Your Nutrition:

I take a simple yet effective approach to your nutrition. My belief is that your problems with nutrition stem from unrealistic expectations and the use of overly complex and “faddy” diets that are unsustainable and require too big a change too fast. So instead of asking you to make a drastic dietary shift over night, my focus is to first remind you of the basics of nutrition and then have you apply them one step at a time, and only when necessary. By doing this you’ll begin to feel more in control, happier, less stressed, and more driven to realise your strength and fitness objectives.

Your Training:

With me you won’t exercise, you will train in a logical, quantifiable, and systematic way to become stronger. I am a professional movement specialist focusing specifically on coaching correctly executed, loaded human movements – the squat, the press, the deadlift, the bench, and the clean – AKA the barbell lifts. Whatever demographic you fall into – old, young, male, female, experienced or novice – you are taught how to make the fastest and safest strength and fitness changes you’re ever going to experience.