Richard Janezko

IMG_1049 copyAge: 24

Profession I work as a measurement specialist.

I met Paul a few years ago – before he launched ‘PB Strength and Fitness Mentoring’ – at another gym where he was working out next to me. We got to know one another, due to having to share the equipment during that session. Later I thought I’d give him a go as a trainer as I was struggling to progress at the time and thought he could help.

Back then I wasn’t making as bigger improvements with my strength training as I thought I should have been. I was following a basic three sets of ten reps training structure. The kind every one does, when they start off on their own. This turned out to be a big part of my problem.

Thankfully, due to the programmes Paul has put forwards to me I’m progressing much more than I was back then.

I’ve had a good experience over the years with Paul and his service, and recently joined the group training programme. Although I wasn’t sure about group training to start with, its worked out well for me. I really like working in pairs as you always have a team mate to help you out, and everybody has bonded really well. 

A feature of the group training programme that I have benefited from has been the theory seminars. That’s where you get a good understanding about what your doing and why.

I’ve also found having access to good quality equipment in sufficient quantity a huge benefit of the group training programme. It means my training partner and the other members of the group never have to queue or feel rushed by others.

Finally the competition that we hold between the members is a great feature that you don’t see from typical gyms and personal training services and I think has been my most memorable experience from the group training. It’s showed me how I’ve improved and how much stronger I’ve become due to the programmes that I’ve followed… It’s also fun just to try and beat everyone else. 

These features are something no normal gym membership is going to give me and have made a huge difference in my training, and is why I would recommend ‘PB Strength and Fitness Mentoring’ to anybody who’s interested in developing more strength.