Paul Drummond

Paul D PortraitAge: 62

Profession: I’m a business improvement consultant.

Paul was recommended to me by a friend, and I felt that he could help me in developing my strength. This is what I wanted because a couple of things were indicating that I was gradually getting weaker which I want to avoid, and as i’m awful at going to the gym on my own, I needed a trainer to hold me accountable to the things I just wouldn’t do by myself.

The big issue for me though, was that when I stopped running and started cycling I realised my upper body strength had deteriorated and I became aware that I was quite round shouldered, which happens as you get older, but these were two things I really wanted to do something about.

I wasn’t sure it would really do me any good as I’d never done barbell training before and like most people I had some stereotypical ideas about who the kinds of people that lift are, and the effects weight training would have.  But coming here and working with Paul has changed that, and grounded my ideas in a little more scientific fact.

So far my experience with ‘PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring’ has been positive, for example Paul’s flexibility to do the sessions at the times I need, usually in the early morning, because I have to travel a lot for work, has been very helpful and key to the biggest benefit of all, which is that I actually do the barbell strength training, and it does me good!

I’v also made some great achievements in my lifting and I find I get a kick out of hitting new PB’s. In particular getting past 115kg on my squat and past 127.5kg on my deadlifts was really satisfying as I surprised myself. Particularly when considering where I started, a 20kg bar! Those things stick in my mind and motivate me to carry on to new PB’s.

Finally, I’d like to say that I would happily recommend Paul and his service, ‘PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring’, to anybody. 

A lot of people probably wouldn’t think it’s for them, but it really is and I’d recommend that for anybody who is interested, to just give it a go, because the program will work for everyone, and everyone can get something positive out of strength training.