Nick Macphail

NickName: Nick Macphail

Age: 36

Profession:  I am a mechanical engineer at Rolls Royce Aerospace Derby

I was already going to the gym with the aim of “bulking up”, but had hit a plateau and was struggling to progress. I realised that I needed to use equipment other than machines and approach my workouts differently.

I was however very nervous about using barbells and other free weights on my own as I knew there was a certain technique involved in the exercises that I just didn’t know. I decided a personal trainer was needed and a friend recommended Paul, and his service – ‘PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring’ – to me.

That was about five years ago and my experience with the services on offer has been very good. I Initially was having one to one training with Paul and at the time, that was the only service available.

We spent a lot of time understanding my drives and what I wanted to achieve, also learning the exercise techniques I needed, which developed the confidence I was lacking using barbells and other free weights.

More recently I have moved onto ‘PB Strength and Fitness Mentoring’s’ new service, which is a group training program. I’ve really enjoyed training in a group, its given me much more structure and more hours per week training than the one to one had before. There’s also a great social aspect between the other members that’s unique to the group training.

The fact you have other people who are of a similar mindset to talk to is something I do enjoy and because its regular, it enhances the experience of training and I look forwards to each session as its an enjoyable time for me.

The camaraderie that comes out of this is a definite benefit. Just seeing everyone else doing their sets, lifting their weights and improving gets you feeling that you want to as well, so you keep working on it. This is so important as there’s a lot of focus on repeatedly building up the weight on the bar, session by session which is hard work.

I think this push you get from seeing the rest of the group get stronger and fitter has to be the most important benefit of group training and has led to some of my most memorable achievements under the bar.

For example my intention was never to lift heavy it was to bulk up. But with the progress I’ve made I’ve been able to lift heavy. The weight I’ve lifted on the squat and the deadlift just looks massive, and I didn’t think I’d get that far, but knowing that I’ve been able to get further than ever anticipated feels to be a great achievement!

What has surprised me is that I’ve also seen results in how I look, I’ve bulked up in areas where I wanted, which i’m very pleased about.

 As a result of what I’ve experienced I’d happily recommend Paul to anybody whose going to the gym, but not seeing progress, and who wants a structured program where they will actually see physical benefits to there strength and physique.