Kashmir Siniara

f013092f-e884-4324-9565-a910b401f7d9Age: 52

Profession: Training and Education Officer

Paul was recommended to me by my previous personal trainer, who had decided to retrain as a Teacher.

I needed to do something for my own well being, as I struggled to keep my self healthy and strong with food and exercise on my own. So, I took up the recommendation by my previous Personal Trainer and started using Paul’s service, ‘PB Strength and Fitness Mentoring’.

Its been a great experience working with Paul, both on a one to one, and group training bases. If it wasn’t for training with them I don’t feel that I would be as strong, or have as much energy as I do to date. 

I remember six years ago when I started training I had it in my head that I would only be able to sustain this level of exercise for about another three years. I believed that when I reached a certain age my body wasn’t going to be able to cope with the exercises due to changes i’d go through as a woman, so I told myself to make the most off it.

If I hadn’t have been shown that this mindset was wrong I certainly wouldn’t have achieved my most memorable strength accomplishment to date, which has to be deadlifting 82kg at a body weight of 56kg. 

This achievement made me feel great and I am delighted to say, that for me my belief from six years ago was shown to be a load of rubbish, a load of rubbish!

I’m happy to say that If I can change my mindset at 52 years old, and continue to get fitter and stronger then anyone can do it. I would definitely recommend ‘PB Strength and Fitness Mentoring’ to others