Individualised Training

Need a more customised approach? Not comfortable in group situations? or require more flexibility with training times? Then this is for you!


  •       Price: From £140 per training block (£35 per hour).
  • Mentor: Paul Breheny
  • Location: Spartan Studios or Bphysical- THECLUB Ashbourne
  • Start Date: To be arranged with client
  • Duration: 4 weeks minimum training block. 
  • No Sessions: 4 x 1 hour sessions (1 per week) minimum.
  • Group Size: 1
  • Extras: Access to all seminars, workshops and open invites to all club socials and events.

Apply For ‘Individualised Training’ Here

‘Individualised Training’ as a PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring client means you’ll work with me on a one-to-one basis. I will oversee your training and deliver customised, regularly updated programming to help you achieve your goals, keep your technique in check and help you avoid any bad habits.

To get started with ‘Individualised Training’ you don’t have to be in superhuman condition or experienced with the lifts or exercise, you just need to have a genuine interest in improving your strength and fitness and be willing to work closely and openly with me, your mentor, and face every new challenge with an open, can do, mindset. Remember everybody has a weight that they can start with (even if it’s just moving their own body through the exercises) and then build from. If your starting point is needing help getting out of a chair or if it’s 100kg, I have the experience you need.

Details and Application

Although I believe that group based training is superior to ‘Individualised Training’, due to the social connections, camaraderie and friendly competition that develops from the regularity of training with people sharing a similar mindset and training goal, I recognise that it’s not the best choice for everybody.

For those people who are very unfit, weak, recovering from illness or surgery, group training options may not be suitable AT FIRST because of specialised considerations or adjustments in the approach to training and programming. If you fall into this category ‘Individualised Training’ is for you.

For others, time constraints may interfere with “optimal” training, and different approaches to the standard model prescribed in a group training setting may need to be employed. Although not ideal, in most cases significant improvement can still be made.

Finally if you just don’t like the thought of working with others or lack confidence in a group situation, but recognise the value of strength training and having a mentor coach you, the ‘Individualised Training’ approach is the option for you.

Space on my ‘Individualised Training’ programme is severely limited, and I am only interested in working with people who are organised, self driven, reliable and 100% dedicated to doing the best they can. If you feel this is the best option for you, then click the link below. You’ll then be asked to book your discovery call, don’t worry, its a simple consultation with me to ensure the programme is a good fit for you, and a chance to tell me about your goals and what you want out of your training in the short and long term.

Apply For ‘Individualised Training’ Here

Places are severely limited and fill up fast, I would love to work with you, so don’t waste any more time – Click the link above – and get stronger today!

Programme Schedule

Due to the programme being drawn up around the individual client it is not possible to lay out a detailed schedule of events in advance. However all  ‘Individualised Training’ programmes are strength focused, predominantly Barbell based where appropriate and are a minimum of 4 weeks in length, consisting of at least 12 hours of training (3 hours per week), separated with 48 – 72 hours of recovery time.

I recommend a commitment of at least a three-month training block because it takes that long for a client and myself to form a strong rapport, respond to feedback, answer questions in the context of the plan, and adjust programming to produce notable progress and change.

Once you complete your individual training block you will have the option of carrying on, or joining the ‘Learn to Lift Programme’, or the ‘Barbell Club Training’ depending on your level of competence.