Francis Breheny

IMG_2001 copyAge: 68

Profession Hairdresser

I decided to work with Paul as I needed motivation and help to build my fitness back up, and I just wasn’t going to be able do it by myself.

In the last few years I have had quite a few problems with my knees and my right leg, the main one being a break at the top of the thigh bone. That happened three years ago, and the break was so bad the bone needed to be pinned. This resulted in a lengthy recovery process that left me noticeably weaker, less physically able, and less independent.

Thankfully with help from Paul’s service, I’m fitter, my muscles are stronger, and it’s easier to do everyday things again like going for a walk or carrying my shopping home. In fact I’m now confidant enough to go out with my two young grandchildren on my own again as I can keep up with them, which is something I couldn’t have done when I was struggling with my leg.

Without Paul I wouldn’t know how to use any of the equipment at the gym, and I certainly wouldn’t be using the free weights on my own. Being stronger has definitely helped me. Without Paul, and his service – ‘PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring’ – I wouldn’t have been going to the gym, and I would still be weak and physically dependent on others.

To add to what I have already said, a surprising benefit to my training has been that I’ve not experienced any more problems with my knees, particularly the one I had twisted before starting, and I’m sure it’s the squats that have helped my knee pain.

This actually reminds me that keeping that bar on my back when doing squats was one of the hardest things I had to learn. When we first started to put the bar across my shoulders, I couldn’t hold it in the proper position but now I can hold 60kg and squat with it. Originally I just thought it would slide down my back and I’d fall over, but it doesn’t, and I don’t! That I can squat correctly has been one of my greatest achievements in the gym.

I would certainly recommend ‘PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring’ to others because as you age you really need to be as strong as you can be. I now realise how important it is to keep my muscles strong, and the role barbell training plays in this, because of Paul.

I think people of my age who don’t think they can do this kind of training are wrong, and they should not to be discouraged by others telling them they can’t, because depending on what’s wrong with you, all you may really need to do is get stronger.