Do You Really Need A Coach?

Achieving any strength and fitness goal is hard, and we will all struggle and experience hurdles along the way. Understanding this from the start of our strength and fitness journeys and having a willingness to seek out, listen to and learn from those more experienced than ourselves (even when that means paying for it) will always increase our overall level of success, and save us from years of unproductive effort. Continue reading “Do You Really Need A Coach?”

Take Action – Stop Exercising, & Start Weight Training!

Written by Paul Breheny

In my last blog I spoke about why the most important physical attribute for most people is muscular strength. In this article I’ll cover the basics on the crucially important difference between ’training’ and ‘exercising’, and the most effective method to improve muscular strength. In other words – how to start taking action towards achieving your fitness objective. Continue reading “Take Action – Stop Exercising, & Start Weight Training!”