Barbell Club Training

Continue your strength and fitness journey here – be part of the community!


  • Price: £180/month*

*Please note a minimum 3 month commitment is recommended (but not mandatory). 

  • Mentor: Paul Breheny
  • Location: Spartan Studio – Derby
  • Start Date: First Monday of every month (subject to availability).
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Sessions: 12 x 1 hour sessions, per month (3 per week)
  • Group Size: 6
  • Extras: Access to all seminars (no extra cost) and open invite to all club socials and events.

Programme Schedule Month 1

Seminar 1: Saturday before the first Monday of the month (60 min) –  Programming and Effects of Strength Training – in part one of this seminar the next 3 phases of your programming will be discussed. In part two we will look at the effects of strength training on the body and the relative safety of it.

Month 1

Week 1: Re-cap the BIG FOUR FIVE barbell lifts.

  • Session 1: The squat and the bench press demonstration/ practice/ individual adjustment.
  • Session 2: The deadlift and the overhead press demonstration/ practice/ individual adjustment.
  • Session 3: The Power Clean an introduction, and how your programme will change.

Week 2: Putting it all together: The programme proper.

  • Session 4: Workout A – The squat, the bench press and the deadlift.
  • Session 5: Workout B – The squat, the overhead press and the Power Clean.
  • Session 6: Workout A – The squat, the bench press, and the deadlift.

Week 3: Continued coaching, support and programme adjustment.

  • Session 7: Workout B.
  • Session 8: Workout A.
  • Session 9: Workout B.

Week 4: Continued coaching, support and programme adjustment.

  • Session 10: Workout A.
  • Session 11: Workout B.
  • Session 12: Workout A.

Programme Schedule Month 2

Seminar 2: Saturday before the first Monday of the month (60 min) – Nutrition Basics (theory). In part one of this seminar our five part model of dietary success will be discussed. In part two the concept of “minimum effective dose” and how it applies will be explored.

Month 2

Week 5: Introduction to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Its time to introduce some aerobic conditioning and the tool of choice will be the Prowler/Sled. A fantastically simple yet highly effective tool thats fun, and team building.  

  • Session 13: Workout B.
  • Session 14: Workout A + HIIT.
  • Session 15: Workout B.

Week 6:

  • Session 16: Workout A
  • Session 17: Workout B
  • Session 18: Workout A + HIIT

Week 7:

  • Session 19: Workout B.
  • Session 20: Workout A
  • Session 21: Workout B.

Week 8:

  • Session 22: Workout A + HIIT
  • Session 23: Workout B.
  • Session 24: Competition Preparation – Workout your numbers for the big day and “Grease the Groove”.

Programme Schedule Month 3

Seminar 3: Saturday before the first Monday of the month. CLUB COMPETITION! A fun & friendly event open to all PB Strength & Fitness Mentoring Clients. Meet the other club members, test how strong you are on the squat, press and deadlift. Compete for the clubs strongest male and female title and trophy.

Month 3

Week 9: Your linear progression and novice gains are coming to an end, and you’re going to start transitioning into intermediate style programming. The next few weeks will see you through this process with continued coaching, support and programme adjustment.

  • Session 25: Workout B. 
  • Session 26: Workout A.
  • Session 27: Workout B.

Week 10: Programme adjustment if needed.

  • Session 28: Workout A + HIIT
  • Session 29: Workout B.
  • Session 30: Workout A.

Week 11: Programme adjustment if needed.

  • Session 31: Workout B.
  • Session 32: Workout A + HIIT
  • Session 33: Workout B.

Week 12: Programme adjustment if needed.

  • Session 34: Workout B.
  • Session 35: Workout A. 
  • Session 36: End of training cycle and mindset seminar (60 min, theory based).

The Barbell Club Training programme is a continuation of the Learn To Lift Programme where trainees learned the big four barbell lifts – the squat; the press; the deadlift; and the bench press – basically the fundamentals of any novice programme.

At this point in training a number of changes are made to the programme, most notably there is an extra day of training, and the structure of the daily workouts change in response to increasing expertise and strength in the main lifts.

High-Intensity Interval training (HIIT) is also introduced early on in this phase of training, as a good level of aerobic conditioning becomes useful to develop work capacity for future programming.

The Barbell Club Training Programmes start on the first Monday of every month, and will run in 4-week blocks, with 3 x 1-hour sessions per week (12 x 1-hour sessions in total). 

Payment for this service will be taken in full, on the same day of each month by an automatic subscription system until you formally cancel it in writing, which you can do at any time without incurring any further charges. 

Please be aware that a commitment of at least three-months is advisable because it takes this long to really get going and to make some notable, long-lasting changes to your body (be aware that no refund will be given for payments already made).


To get started on the Barbell Club Training programme, bookings can be made below by selecting a training time, and date that suits you. Finally, a payment will be taken via debt or credit card, and that’s it… your booking is confirmed and your part of the community!

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