My Mission

My mission is to help men and women of all ages and physical abilities to build stronger, more useful bodies through traditional barbell training… the most effective system ever conceived!

I aim to develop these qualities in my trainees because strength is the most important physical attribute that we have, it influences all other aspects of fitness, for example just by training for strength you can dramatically improve your balance, coordination, endurance and body composition. It’s strength that is the foundation to human movement, and the key to your long term health and independence, so it’s strength that I strive to develop in trainees first.

The barbell is the tool of choice used by me to develop strength, because anyone can use barbells. You don’t need to be young, or a seasoned lifter. In fact, a lot of my trainees are in there 4th decade plus and are just starting to learn what a barbell is and how to develop their physical capabilities through barbell movements. They quickly recognise the benefits this modality of training has on their health, longevity, body image and physical independence, through achieving objective, measurable results.

In recent years, this recognition of muscular strength being  paramount has led to a noticeable shift from trainees just wanting to “ lose weight” or having a “ripped six pack”, to wanting to improve their strength and condition, and develop a functional, well balanced body. Trainees are now more concerned with what they can actually do, and if all that time and money they’re spending in the gym has made them a more confident, physically capable person.

I address this concern by educating trainees that progress, not random exercises thrown together, is what matters. That workouts need to be part of an intelligently designed training programme, which can produce measurable increases in strength and performance consistently over long periods of time.

More and more people are joining me in person and via social media, to learn from my content and connect with other trainees and mentors that know, use and believe in the systems I teach.

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